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Jen Wende

Jen is an Ancestral Healing Coach. She helps you releasing generational patterns and conditionings through ancestral healing to support you in feeling more at peace and self-connected.

Your ancestors are a part of you long after they’ve passed on. The subtle energy that vibrates in your DNA holds memories of your Ancestors pain or trauma once lived. Have you ever questioned why you have certain thoughts or emotional patterns? Connecting to, and healing with, your ancestral lineage can support you in releasing the imprints of unconscious conditionings, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer to shift into your own unique power.

Jen Wende, Ancestral Healing Coach, supports releasing limiting generational patterns and conditioning so you feel more clear and confident to be and express yourself. With over a decade of experience in the field of holistic wellbeing, Jen also has a versatile tool kit of movement and mindset practices to help you embody in the beautiful energetic shifts she facilitates.

how to contact Jen

Connect with Jen to see if Ancestral Healing is right for you.


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